Life Background

Like everyone else who is working with energy I was called to it. It is something in life that you can't ever imagine not doing as it is a part of your whole being and everyday experience. As a child I was very fortunate to have a father who had studied with the Native American Indians and learned about the medicine way. He was an artist and versed in the Buddhist background so my upbringing was somewhat different. I grew up learning how to observe and talk to animals understanding the silent and verbal communication while living on a working ranch. My father taught me how to look at the world though the eyes of an artist with a great deal of respect when exploring the energy and the life force that sustains us.

At the age of thirteen I went to a church camp with a friend and became a Christian leaving anything that I had learned far behind. I suppressed it until my middle thirties with experiences that leaked out through out that time of my life. I had what I called the knitting experience in which I was knitting in my living room and I had an out of body experience where I could see and understood the connection of how everything was connected as one. It was years later when I turned forty that I received a beautiful visit that showed me that I was not doing what I was called to do. Within a month my world had changed and turned completely upside down with everything in my life disappearing as I had known it to be.

Like Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole I learned that what I thought and believed was only an illusion. It was my pilgrimage back home to Taos NM, to heal and going to Golden Willow to grieve my spirit that I started to accept and allow the true gifts of the spirit to come through once again only this time filling up my soul. It was through the loving care of many teachers who came into my life that I was able to heal and walk again in between the physical world and the world of spirit. I was fortunate in 2007 to attend a week with Hank Wesselman a Shaman practitioner who renewed my life with my father and have gone on to practice with spirit.

Healing Background

Ana studied Qigong and Tai Chi with Master Teacher Martha Fiddes for three years then went on to study yoga to keep grounded. She also studied with Holli BlackWell and became a certified Usui & Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher and was initiated by Alyce Payne as a Oneness Blessing Giver. Also, she studied under Jodi Lovoi to become an Akashic Records Consultant. She worked and studied under Pam Durham learning the art of Acutonics using the tuning forks and vibrational medicine. Then later she went on to study Intuitive Healing with Christi Duque and Medical Intuitive Healing with Judy Watkins. She is involved in facilitating local Healing Circles and support groups for those looking to find others on the same path of healing and learning about their spiritual gifts.

With a BS degree in textiles and design she is still creating her art and showing in different areas. She uses her BA in Education to teach workshops teaching how to map personal Energy Signatures in learning how to use the gifts of the spirit. She also teaches a class in understanding Light Language and Teaches a class called Star Tribes that helps us understand the connection we have with planetary alignments in our energy fields. Ana has written a book called "A Journey Into The Sacred Heart" that is a collection of personal stories about learning how to accept ourselves and the gifts that we are born with as we share them with others. Ana also offers Reiki workshop classes and works as an Akashic Records Consultant.