Small Exercises for Spiritual Growth and Healing

Aura Practice

I find myself doing this when I am board or wanting to know the color of my own energy. Find a mirror and look into it. When you do, find your outline and stare at it for a minute. What you will began to see is a whitish light surrounding you. So often this is what most people see only at first and some will even see color at that time. If you are like me, it might take a few times at first but you will eventually see it.

Once you do, then you can play with it, by expanding the light out by thinking of someone you love or feeling good about. Later, you might began to see color. Don't be discouraged if you don't see color right away, it takes some time and once you do it is like riding a bike.

If you are feeling love, then send it to someone you care about. Trust me the energy is there to carry that love to them. If they don't pick it up then I promise their spirit will.

Living In Love

Wow, this is so much fun you must try it! Try to take a little time out for yourself to be alone. When you can find a quite place or put on some soothing music then take the time to quiet the mind.

Breath out all tension and stress from the day and breath in the loving energy form our Creator. Just take the time for all negative thoughts and feelings to drain out of you. Then send it on its way into the center of the earth. Ask God to use you as a beautiful vessel to channel his love to others.

Again, allow yourself to fill up with this amazing love form God and just let it fill you up in all the places that you allowed to drain away that negative energy. Fill in all that empty space inside of you with love and expand your heart with love. By doing this, you get this huge feeling that moves within you of love and compassion for yourself and others.

As you do, you may start to have things come up that are negative and remember that it is OK. Just release it and fill yourself with love. People will start to come into your mind and when they do, think of them surrounded with love and send that love to them where ever they are. Ask for healing if it is painful and send that pain away and fill that empty space again with love.

If you do it enough, then you will begin to just think of love and that feeling will just take over your whole being without another thought and you can send loving healing energy form God to others through out your whole day. When you do this, then you are learning to channel a very fine and higher frequency of energy that can only come form God allowing you to heal and become balanced to.

Just try it... You may be surprised. Others will notice a change in you, who are around you. Oh one warning, you might feel, "a little out to lunch" as we say. So if you do and need to come down a little to function the rest of the day instead of being on,"cloud nine", then eat something or drink water just to ground you back into this world.


When I first started my healing journey I worked with some amazing teachers in Taos, NM. One of the teachers' healing techniques was to guide you though a meditation. It was so powerful at that time in my life that I searched for something like it and found only a few recordings of other teachers with their own meditations. As I grew in my own healing and started to teach I was able to go into an inner connection to guide meditations for the Circles. I don't always know what the meditation will be as it is from the Spirit.

I hope you will enjoy as they are a gift from the heart....


The Chakra Alignment Tool

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