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Light Language

Light language is a holographic universal language that we as human beings are fluent in on a subconscious level. As we become more aware of this multi-dimensional language of the soul we learn to translate and process this living language by our understanding of our connection with our energy centers and all the energy fields around and in the physical body.

Light Language - The language of the Divine Blueprint of the Soul

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Light Language - Level 101
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LLW Level 101

Anatomy of the Spirit
and How We Connect

Two Day Workshop from 10am to 6pm - $300

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This workshop covers the basics of the language of light. It is a prerequisite to all the other courses within this field. The course is designed as an overview of how you fit into the scheme of things by learning about different energy centers and how they communicate to each other on both a physical and soul level.

Students will discover a progression of the ages and how we as multidimensional beings fit into third and forth dimension through our physical and spiritual anatomy.

Light Language - Level 102
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LLW Level 102

You as a Multi-Dimensional Being
(Prerequisite 101)

Two Day Workshop from 10am to 6pm - $325

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In this workshop you will explore your spiritual gifts on a conscious level in understanding yourself as a multidimensional being. Through guided explorations you will become aware of the power of co-creating as you align your mind, body, and soul in experiencing different states of being in how you fit in and relate to the universe.

Light Language - Level 201

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LLW Level 201

Master's Class
(Prerequisite 102)

Two Day Workshop from 10am to 6pm - $350

No Classes Scheduled At This Time

The Master's workshop is set up to allow students to journey and explore different dimensions to learn how we are connected to the different astral planes. The class will also access and channel energy and healing vibrations in developing psychic surgery skills and long distant healing.

It is important to note; that since each person is uniquely linked to the universe that the content of the workshops will vary depending on the connection of the students present.

Star Tribe

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Star Tribe

Resonating With The Stars
(Prerequisite 101):

Two Day Workshop from 10am to 6pm - $300

No Classes Scheduled At This Time

The class is for those who want to work with the healing energies in the the energy bodies and learn how to line up one's own energy fields with the planetary shifts that affect us all. This process helps makes our ride on the planet a lot smoother when we understand how we each connect.

Note; No tools are necessary to achieve the effect of becoming a human tuning fork to balance the energies from the shifts in our own physical body. Learn the principles of planet sounds and resonance as a modality to achieve powerful self balance and healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Akashic Records Reading Workshop
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Akashic Records Reading Workshop

Learn To Read Your
Akashic Records

Two Day Workshop from 10am to 4pm - $300

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This workshop is set up for students to learn, and experience what it is like to open, explore and read their own Akashic records using various techniques. Each student will discover their personal conscious connection in going into the vibrational fields of the Records to retrieve information about themselves in their past, present and their many future potentials. They will have the opportunity to practice accessing deeper knowledge about themselves and their soul's progression in helping them to navigate through personal experiences to help manifest or create changes in their lives.

  1. Build conscious relationships with the Akashic Record keepers
  2. Raising your vibrational fields
  3. Explore contracts and ancestral connections
  4. Learn how to shift energy from past experience and blocks
  5. Visit other realms, dimensions, and Universes
  6. Learn more about your guides and your relationship with them