The Akashic Records

What are the Akashic Records?


The Akashic Record is the past, present, and future knowledge of all things. It is the recording of the soul's journey since inception, as well as the possibilities of its unfoldment in the future. Referred to in virtually every ancient spiritual teaching, it is known in the Bible as the Book of Life. An Akaschic Record Consultation consists of opening the records of one's Soul and allowing the information from this profound spiritual level to come forward. Perceptions and insight from this deep spiritual perspective will support you in your life right now. What is generally valuable is guidance as to how to work through patterns present in one's current life and opportunities for growth and direction.

We will be working with the Light of the Holy Spirit for the highest good of all concerned. We surrender to the Divine spirit for all direction. I open myself to the information available from your Records and allow myself to look and to say that which comes directly to me. We work with your questions, so it is important to prepare yourself by reflecting on your current life circumstances and where you would like greater clarity. Your openness determines to a large extent what happens during the session and what Spirit brings forward.

Opening the Akashic Records

By opening the Akashic Records we can find information that helps bring our past, present and future into the now. By accessing the records we may release anything that we have created , that has become a block to our present realization of our connection with God.

The healing energy of the Akashic Records allows us the freedom to choose grace in all things, therefore overriding any illusions we have created that causes us to believe we are separated from God/Spirit/Source.


In the Records it is very important how questions are asked. Since the records are a vibration it is important to make sure we are clear when the question is asked or rephrase it to make the point clearer.

Sample Questions

Here are a few examples that may help you come up with your own questions to ask. Or, feel free to use them as they are if they apply.

  • What is blocking me from_________________________?
  • What is creating ______________in my life?
  • What is causing my___(fear, Judgement, pain etc)___ in relationships to ________________?
  • Is there another question that would be better for me to be asking about______________?
  • Is there a different or easier way to look at and heal_______________?
  • Is there something blocking me from seeing the Truth about __________?
  • How am I blocking myself around this subject?
  • How can I create more (love, support, money) in my life?
  • How can I handle this with greater ease and Grace?

How It Works

I will call you at the time or send you a Zoom invitation for the time we have scheduled. And with your permission and only your permission I will open up your records using your name. We will then proceed to look at your records and work with the questions that you want to ask.

Please note:

I am not permitted to look at someone else's records without their permission.

Consent Form

Please refrain from using recreational drugs or alcohol 24 hours before accessing the Akashic Records because it will cloud the information

Akashic Records Consent Form

Please remember that all counsel and healing given in this session is presented to assist you with your own Consciousness. You may choose to share this experiences with others. You are responsible for the results of their receiving the information as it is recounted or interpreted by you.

I do my Best to relay what I am given to the best of my ability, presenting you with all that is conveyed to me during the Akashic Records consultation in confidentiality. It will be helpful if you understand that no matter what I say, you are responsible for reviewing the session in the context of your own life. Please consider the overall impact of our moments together as we allow Spirit to move through our path. You may feel the effect immediately or months after, or both.

I will ask you to sign a consent form before a records reading.

The Akashic Records

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