Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need To Know

How do I get a Reiki manual for the Reiki Zoom Class?

To Recive a Reiki Manual for the Zoom class, Students are required to make a downpayment of $100 a week before class on Venmo or pay full tuition through the website so that manuals can be sent through the mail.

What is the best way to contact Ana?

The best way to contact Ana is through text.

(972) 767-9468

Is it better to get an Akashic Records reading in-person?

No, the Akashic Records are a consciousness field that can be accessed through energetic portals. Therefore it is accessable anywhere at anytime.

What is the procedure for a Zoom appointment?

Once you schedule a date and time, you will recieve an invitation on email for a Zoom appointment either the day before or the day of.

When you join the Zoom meeting Ana will be waiting for you at the scheduled time to admit you into the meeting from the waiting room on Zoom.

Why are the questions so important when having an Akashic Reading?

The Akashic Records are a library of every thought, word, deed or experience that a person has done, doing, or will do in this lifetime or other lifetimes. This does not include other lifetimes in other Universes and other dimentions that are happing simultaeously or in the past or future. That means the records have access to All...and questions help narrow the foucs.

Where can I go to learn how to read the Akashic Records and learn energy work?

Ana encourages others to learn how to be proactive in their own healings. This also includes learning and persuing One's natural gifts.

Ana is the founder of the online "Light Language University" to help others learn the basics and to get started on their personal journey of stepping into their gifts of the Spirit and personal power.

"People don't need to be saved or rescued, people need knowledge of their own power and how to access it." --Unknown Author