Services offered

Healing on a multi-Dimensional level.

Tailored To Your Needs

Consultations $75hr by phone

This is a one hour conversation with Ana over the phone. This is a great time to ask questions and find out more about how the services fit in with your awakening and healing journey.

Reiki Session $150hr Remote $200 In-Person Richardson, TX


I will start promply at the scheduled time. Then call to talk about session


Will schedule to meet at Prana Havan, Richardson, TX

Spirit Rescue $100hr

if you have etitites or ghosts your home, personal items or property and need help, I am available to facilitate helping them transition and move on.

Intutive Surgery $150hr Remote $200 In-Person Richardson, TX

Intuitive Surgery works on removing blocks in the etheric and mental and physical body. It allows the body to reset and realign and help restore balance and harmony so that it can begin the process of healing itself.

EntityExtraction $100hr Remote $150 In-Person Richardson, TX

Sometimes for whatever reason we pick up ghosts, entities etc.. that like to hitchhick which can case illness and create disterbances in our emotional bodies. We call them Attachments.

I can see and detect these being and remove the attachements and help them transition or send them on a higher path.

Soul Retrieval $150hr Remote $200 In-Person Richardson, TX

Soul Retrieval is about finding fragments of a person's soul energy that has splintered off due to a tragedy, trauma, or being given away.

When we lose those pieces of our soul they can affect us mentally, emotionally, and physically. Soul Retrieval helps an individual achieve balance and retain health.

Synergy Healing $150hr Remote $200 In-Person Richardson, TX

Synergy healing is a combination of Akashic Records, Light grids, Reiki, Spirit Extraction, planetary balancing and if nessasary intutive surgery.

If you are wanting to go deep in your healing journey then this is for you as it All of it in one session.

Officiate Weddings $100hr Remote $200 In-Person DFW, TX

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