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Shifting of the Ages

From looking at the world from a 3-D lens most see it full of chaos but what if we were to tell you that there is a order to the plan of the Awakening on the planet?

The Basics of Being an Empath

Everyone is an Empath and how it show up in our lives and our reactions to it only demonstrates if we have mastered this beautiful gift or not.

Chakra Balancing Tool

This is one of the most imporant tools for the basics of self maintance and balance. This video teaches how to check for blocks and work through moving the life force through our physcial body strengthen and accelrate the healing process.

Energetic Cords

Something as simple as energetic cords can make huge shifts in how we feel and perticipate in the world around us. They can also be a drain if left undetected. This is a video to explain how to elimate them and step back into our personal power just by doing a little self maintance.

Light Code Healing Portal

This is a music video to help your consciousness move deeper into meditation to heal and remember being Whole

Light Language Grounding

No longer are we confined to the limations of grounding on the earth. When we begin to understand that we are multi-dimensional beings we take grounding to a whole new level.

Throat Chakra Bowl

The Throat Chakra rules our inner hearing, our voice and thyroid. This is only the tip of the iceberg, making it an important energy center and organ to work on and strengthen.

What Do We Know About Dreams? Part 1

Our dreams are a lot more complicated than we give them credit. This is a great video to help open up just what happens when you dream and how connected you are as a multi-dimensional being.